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A Guide to Australia’s Best Landmarks

| Blog | May 28, 2015

Australia is a beautiful country filled with both natural and manmade landmarks that are not to be missed. Every state has beauty and charm, and if you are planning to make your way around Australia, you must stop by the most popular landmarks in each of them. While they all differ greatly from one another, they all encompass the beauty and singularity that Australia is so known for throughout the world.

Uluru – NT

Ayers Rock, also known as Uluru, is one of those landmarks that leaves you absolutely speechless the moment it is before you. Formed by natural sandstone, Uluru’s legends go deep into the history of Aboriginal Australia which gives its existence an uncomparable and profound meaning. The best times to experience this Ayers Rock are during dusk or dawn, when its colours are known to change dramatically.

Great Ocean Road – VIC

If you have the chance to visit Victoria, you cannot go without experiencing one of the most picturesque road trips in the world. The Great Ocean Road extends along Victoria’s coastline and as its name suggests, it is filled with breathtaking ocean views. Some of the most renowned spots within the Great Ocean Road that you absolutely have your camera ready for include the Loch Ard Gorge, the London Bridge, and the most popular of all — The Twelve Apostles.

Sydney Opera House – NSW

While the Harbour Bridge is also an iconic view to experience in Sydney, the Sydney Opera House is the structure that embodies what foreigners think about when they picture Australia. The architecture and presence of this landmark is truly remarkable and it makes for the perfect tourist picture to keep as a lifetime memory.

Great Barrier Reef – QLD

Australia’s wild life extends far beyond what’s found on land. the great Barrier Reef is the must snorkel/dive adventure that any visitor of Queensland simply cannot afford to miss. It is the world’s largest coral reef, and the largest structure composed by living organisms. With it’s distinct and unique marine life, as well as its vivid and mesmerising colours, it is perhaps the greatest element of pride in Australia.

Turquoise Bay – WA

West Australia is known for its year round beautiful weather, and with that in mind, it is no surprise that the must see attraction is one of its stunning beaches! Turquoise Bay really lives up to the name, with immaculate water that looks straight out of a post card. It is home to a beautiful coral with heaps of fish and other marine life, which you can gaze at on a fun snorkelling day trip.

Kangaroo Island – SA

There is lots to see in South Australia, but if you only have a few days to spend, we recommend heading to Kangaroo Island to experience a laid-back yet exciting wildlife environment! This is the perfect spot to really get a little bit of all the things that make Australia amazing; beautiful beaches, iconic koalas, kangaroos, many other wildlife animals, forests and bush, and outstanding landscapes. If you wish to experience all of the fun in one place while relaxing and spending time outdoors, Kangaroo Island is certainly the best place to do so!

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Best Beaches on Australia’s East Coast

| Blog | April 13, 2015

Australia is known around the globe for its Outback, but also for its gorgeous beaches. It has been said that if you wanted to visit a new beach every single day, it would take approximately 27 years to do so. With over 10,000 beaches to choose from, the real question is which of them are the must-visit beaches surrounding the country? We found that many of them are actually scattered throughout the east coast, so we have gathered our favourite (in no particular order, we’ll let you be the judge.)

Fraser Island

Fraser island is one of the landmarks where all tourists who visit Australia dream of stepping foot and taking pictures. It is the largest sand island in the world, and has pristine water with various hues of blue that look almost unreal. The 75-mile beach is Fraser’s most well known beach; it evidently received its name from its length throughout. The sand has a variety of colours, from the pure white, to the more auburn, which contrast beautifully with the water.

Byron bay, NSW

For all of those who love the laid back lifestyle, this is definitely the beach town for you! Known as the “Easternmost point of Australia,” Byron Bay has become the ultimate vacation spot for holidays. There has been a rise in property construction over the past few years, as well as the opening of many new shops, cafes and bars. Its great surf breaks present ideal surfing conditions for those who take part in the sport. If you like strolls along the beach, there are walkways and esplanades alongside which allow you to bask in the beauty.

Whitehaven Beach, QLD

This beauty not only makes our list, but is named on various other lists as one of the top ten beaches in the world. Is is no surprise however; just from pictures alone Whitehaven Beach captivates anyone who sees it. The picturesque pure white sand might as well be powder, and it is only highlighted by a water that appears more blue than the sky. It is as if the sand and the water are at a competition to see which is the most beautiful. Its extensive size allows it to remain from getting too crowded, even if it is one of the main tourist destinations in Australia.

Bondi Beach, NSW

Bondi beach may not be as picturesque as Whitehaven Beach, but it is still without a doubt one of the most popular beaches in Australia. Its lively atmosphere and surroundings are what make it stand out from any other beach. Due to its popularity, it has become a mecca for all those who love to grab drinks and dine by the beach, with heaps of cafes and restaurants all around. If you happen to be visiting Sydney, this is definitely a beach you would not want to miss out on.

Noosa Main Beach, QLD

Noosa Main Beach offers the beauty of turquoise blue waters, white sand, and is home to a wildlife that can be frequently spotted. Dolphins often swim and can be seen about, and whales can also be observed during their migration period. Aside from these alluring factors, the climate is good year round, making it a destination that can always be an option no matter the season.

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Sydney or Melbourne: Which One is Right for You?

| Blog | April 13, 2015

When traveling around Australia, there are two cities that stand out and are usually compared both by visitors and locals: Sydney and Melbourne. While both are incredibly vibrant and diverse, there are many differences between the two that truly make each of them “one of a kind” destinations.

Sydney stands as probably the most recognisable city in Australia. Without a doubt, the first vision that comes to the mind of foreigners when they think of Australia is usually the picturesque image of the Sydney Harbour Bridge paired with the marvellous Sydney Opera house. Its big city atmosphere, paired with the breathtaking coastline views places it in the spectrum of one of the most iconic destinations in the world.

Melbourne is captivating in its own unique way. This city completely lives up to the stereotype of being the “Culture Capital” of Australia. Unlike Sydney, its focal point does not lie in a single iconic structure or landmark; the city in itself is a sight to see. Its many hidden laneways are the home of vibrant and upbeat cafes, restaurants, and bars. The arts continuously boom as live, local music can be listened to on any night of the week, and there are over 100 galleries of art to visit. It is also the sporting mecca of Australia annually being the home of world renowned sporting events such as the Australian Open, the Formula 1 Grand Prix, and the AFL Grand Final.

As far as the scenery, there is quite a contrast between these two cities. Even in the middle of the hustle and bustle that is associated with a big city lifestyle, Sydney manages to remain a natural playground boasting gorgeous beaches, gardens, parks, and renowned hiking sites. Combine these attributes with the fantastic weather Sydney is fortunate to enjoy, and it makes it the perfect spot to spend long days outdoors.

Melbourne’s nature charm lies on the presence of green throughout the city; All along roads and suburbs visitors will find themselves surrounded by a plethora of plants, trees and other botanic elements. Unlike Sydney, it does not have much of an awe-inspiring coastline and there are not many places within the city where one can take a good morning hike, as Melbourne sits on quite a flat land area. Nevertheless, its parks and gardens make for beautiful places to go for a run or simply stroll about.

There is one aspect that both of these cities can pride themselves on, and that is the amazing food scene that lives within their core. Sydney is home to some of the finest restaurants in Australia, serving food that will impress even the most demanding palates. Eating in Sydney does come with a hefty price tag, but when done so correctly, the splurge is well worth it.

Melbourne’s food scene prides itself on having endless options for people of all tastebuds. It is not only on the more affordable side in comparison with Sydney, but it also delivers diverse flavours from a wide array of countries and regions, often found through fusion cuisine. Walking down the street in the CBD you will have no issues finding an establishment that suits your mood, and even the surrounding suburbs are home to respectable options. We of course should not forget to mention that after your meal you can enjoy a world class coffee just about anywhere!

Ultimately, there really is not much sense in trying to compare these two cities head to head. They are both so different, and yet, they both have their own way of being incredibly captivating. The main difference really lies on what kind of personality you have and whether you plan to become a resident or just a casual visitor. Whatever the case may be, the only argument we will make is that if you happen to miss either of these cities, you might be the one that ends up “missing out.”

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Melbourne March Madness 2015

| Blog | February 24, 2015

March is one of the busiest months of the year in “World’s Most Liveable City!” It seems that as one festival ends, another begins; and sometimes, one will start before the other is even half way through! Here are a few of the festivals you cannot miss in Melbourne this March!

Melbourne Food and Wine Festival – February 27th- March 15th

Scheduled over just a couple of weeks, the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival (MFWF) hosts hundreds of palate pleasing events to satisfy foodies from all over Australia. The events range in pricing and venues, with Melbourne’s most popular restaurants dishing out (literally) the most exquisite cuisine they have to offer. There is definitely something for everyone in this festival, with events ranging from restaurant “crawls,” to the finest “wine and dine” experiences.

Melbourne International Coffee Expo – March 13th-15th

Named the coffee capital of Australia, and arguably of the world, it is no surprise that Melbourne’s International Coffee Expo is one that cannot be missed by caffeine lovers everywhere. The event has a wide range of activities put into place by exhibitors. Visitors will be able to enjoy unlimited free coffee tastings, barista trainings, a variety of the latest products in the coffee making industry, and of course the chance to see Australia’s best baristas facing each other head to head at the ASCA National Coffee Championships. The event will be open for trade visitors on Friday, and open to the public both Saturday and Sunday.

Australian Grand Prix March – 13th- 16th

Major sporting events are no strangers to the City of Melbourne, and in March, it’s all about the Formula 1 Rolex Australian Grand Prix. As the opening round of the F1 season, this will be the 20-year anniversary of the event held at Albert Park. All eyes will be on Australian driver Daniel Ricciardo stirring enthusiasm as the national favourite, and it will surely be a exciting and thrilling weekend. Fans can choose a variety of ticket options, and will be able to enjoy live entertainment alongside the On-Track events and speed frenzy.

Melbourne Fashion Festival – March 14th-22nd

Hundreds of Australia’s finest designers will be showcasing their latest designs and styles on the runways of the Melbourne Fashion Festival. Australia’s largest fashion event will kick off with David Jones and Vogue Australia as the opening event, followed by an array of events throughout the remainder of the week hosted by some of the biggest names in the beauty and fashion world.

It seems that the residents of Melbourne cannot catch a break when it comes to festivals and activities, but honestly, who’s complaining? The city’s diverse atmosphere and appreciation for art of all sorts makes it a perfect venue to host the country’s most exciting events. March will be an exciting time for locals and visitors alike who will certainly find it hard to be bored with all of the commotion that will be taking place in the captivating City of Melbourne.

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Top beach holidays in Australia

| Blog | January 23, 2015

Australia is well known all over the world for it’s beautiful beaches, and it’s not hard to see why! White sand, clear blue water, and beautiful landscapes, how could anyone not want a beach holiday in Australia! Here’s our list of some of the best destinations.


The Whitsundays comprises of 74 islands off the central coast of Queensland. These islands are regarded as some of the very best beaches within Australia, so it should definitely be at the top of your list! Some of the most popular destinations within the Whitsundays are; Hamilton Island, Hayman Island, Great Barrier Reef, Whitehaven Beach and Airlie Beach. As you can see, there is a lot to do here, and if you love beach hopping, this is a perfect choice!

Bondi Beach is highly rated as one of Australia’s best beaches and it surely lives up to its reputation with bustling crowds all year round. If you are after more than just a beach, Sydney is the place for you! A shopping mecca, with many tourist attractions, the beaches are a welcome bonus! You can guarantee you will not get bored in Sydney, and there will be a range of different beaches for you to check out everyday of your stay!

The Gold Coast is a popular destination for holiday goers both from Australia and overseas. The laid back vibe of the city coupled with beautiful beaches, and a host of theme parks just to top it off, is purely why people flock here in droves! This is a city that really does have it all!

Perth is considered to be one of Australia’s most isolated cities, but that means less crowding on its beaches! Perth has a mammoth amount of beaches to choose from so you can be guaranteed not to have to visit the same beach twice! Along with this, every beach has a different vibe so you will get a taste of something different at every beach you visit. Perth is a great holiday if you are looking for somewhere a little far away from home, but not too far.


Port Douglas is your very own tropical escape in Australia! It is just an hours drive North of Cairns, via a beautiful coastal road, may I add! If you are looking for pristine beaches, beautiful snorkelling, clear water, white sand and activities galore, you cannot look past Port Douglas! It really does offer a little bit of everything, which is why it is such a popular attraction. Seriously, you don’t want to miss this one – all you have to do is ask one person who has been here and you will be sold.
So there you have it, five of Australia’s best beach destinations! Why not start making your way through that list? There is no time like the present, after all.

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Best Summer Activities in Melbourne

| Blog | December 3, 2014

Summer has finally arrived in Melbourne! This time of year brings about fun diverse activities for all to enjoy! Whether you are looking for great shopping, entertainment, or just a relaxing night out, there is always something to do!

Queen Victoria Market

Heading to this diverse market is perhaps the best way to spend your summer Wednesday nights! With a broad range of items including mind-blowing international food, thirst quenching drinks, and quirky arts and crafts, there isn’t much that you can’t find. After an exhilarating shopping and tasting spree, you can sit back and relax enjoying live music and other entertainment, or you could unwind your stress at one of the massage booths. There is just so much to do, try and see! You can experience the fun Wednesdays from 5-10pm until March 25th, 2015.

St. Kilda Festival

Kick off the new year with this nine-day event celebrating some of Melbourne’s finest local talents. Whether you are on the hunt for great live music, breath taking art, or overall fun and entertainment, the St. Kilda festival has it all. The week’s nightly events all lead up to the second Sunday of February which is best known as “Festival Sunday;” the streets of St. Kilda shut down to host a quality variety of Australian artists performing across multiple stages. This festival is surely a must for you to enjoy with friends and family.

Rooftop Bars

Nothing says summer like enjoying a few cocktails under the sun at one of Melbourne’s iconic rooftop bars. Conveniently spread throughout the city, the only tough decision you will face is deciding at which to spend a lovely afternoon. The most well-known is perhaps Rooftop Bar, located in the heart of the city on Swanston Street. There are several others nearby scattered throughout the CBD as well as in Fitzroy and South Yarra, all providing a relaxed, laid back atmosphere with magnificent views of the Melbourne skyline.

Outdoor Movie-Watching

What better way to spend summer nights than catching a hit film at one of Melbourne’s open air cinemas? Head to St. Kilda for the Ben & Jerry’s Open Air Cinema and enjoy the gorgeous sunset by the bay; If you want a mix of a natural setting with a cosmopolitan view, the Moonlight cinema at the Royal Botanical Gardens is the perfect place to spread your blanket, bring your favorite picnic snacks, and watch one of your favourite films. Lastly, aside from its place as one of Melbourne’s best places to grab a cocktail, Rooftop Bar also has a Rooftop Cinema which showcases a variety of genres of films throughout summer nights.

Australian Open

Ass one of the major sporting cities in the world, every season there is a major sporting event to look forward to in Melbourne. During the summer, there is no question that The Australian Open is the sporting event you cannot miss. The first official Grand Slam match of the tennis season can be watched at Melbourne Park! Run into your favorite tennis stars and enjoy the liveliness of the arena with the option of ground passes or ticket packages.

Melbourne Christmas Festival

During the holidays, Melbourne CBD turns into a Christmas wonderland. Stroll around the city’s sidewalks and laneways to find beautiful festive decorations, fun christmas themed events for the family, and great gift shopping. Australia’s cultural capital makes it practically impossible to not enjoy summer time! With so much variety of activities and fun, we can only hope that there is enough time to soak it all in before our favorite season ends!

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The Best Markets in Melbourne

| Blog | November 25, 2014

Queen Victoria Market

Melbourne’s Queen Victoria Market has been a fixture in the city for more than a century. The ever so popular market is a hit with both locals and tourists alike. With a range of affordable street food, hundreds of stalls including clothing, candles, lollies, belts, hats, scarves, kitchenware and more, there really is something for everyone! Not only this but you can buy a range of fresh fruit and vegetables, fish and meat for the week ahead! There are great bargains to be had for everyone here, but whatever you do, make sure you try one of the famous jam donuts! The markets are open five days per week; Tuesday & Thursday: 6am – 2pm, Friday: 6am – 5pm, Saturday, 6am – 3pm, Sunday: 9am – 4pm. During the warmer months the markets also host a Wednesday night market complete with live music and sangria which is a must!

Rose Street Artists’ Market

The Rose Street Artists’ Market is ever so adeptly located in trendy Fitzroy, and it’s not hard to see why! Every Saturday and Sunday, talented stall holders bring their arts and crafts to sell to both locals and tourists a-like. This market is well known for the high quality of the goods produced by the stallholders so you can be sure you will find something special! There’s jewellery, candles, art, home decorations plus much more available. The markets are located at 60 Rose Street and are open from 11am to 5pm both days.

St Kilda Twilight Markets

On every summer, the St Kilda Twilight Markets are a favourite among Melburnians! With a beautiful setting, delicious food and great stalls on offer, this one is definitely worth skipping out of work early for! The markets run from 5pm to 10pm on Thursday nights during summer, offering a perfect break to the working week! Held at the O’Donnell Gardens, there really isn’t a better suited venue! Interested stall holders have to apply for a spot so you can be sure the ones that are chosen are going to be worthwhile visitings!

Camberwell Market

The Camberwell Market is a trash and treasure type market, which many claim is the best in the world. Over 370 stalls are available – many of which are booked weeks, sometimes even months in advance – and in every stall people are selling second hand goods. If you are looking for a bargain and a great find, then this is the market for you! The markets are open from 7am till 12.30pm on Sundays, sometimes opening earlier during summer, and are located on Station St in Camberwell. There is a gold coin donation required upon entry, however, this money goes towards helping the needy.

Prahran Market

Food lovers beware, the Prahran Market is host to a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables as well as cheeses, meats, artisan products and much more. If you are looking for delicious, fresh food, then look no further! The selection is mammoth so you will be sure to find something that your tastebuds will thank you for! The market is open six days per week; Tuesday & Thursday: 7am to 5pm, Friday: 7am to 6pm, Saturday: 7am to 5pm, Sunday: 10am to 3pm. Please be aware that the hours are generally longer over the Christmas period so be sure to check their website before going.

As you will see from this list, there really is a market out there for everyone! Whether you simply want to go along for the environment, find a bargain, try out new foods or purchase unique gifts, you will be able to find it at a market in Melbourne! That’s the beauty of the city.

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